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    RM 510

    Interchangeable microphone head (ribbon, cardioid) for Opus 600 / 900 handheld transmitters
    • An ingenious sound guide ensures the cardioid characteristic that is untypical for ribbon microphones
    • Perfect for use with wireless microphone systems, even on the noisiest stages
    • Ultralight aluminium ribbon, only about 3 micrometers thin, ensures perfect impulse response and excellent transient response
    • Stainless steel basket with multi-layered metal gauze, provides excellent protection against plosive noises
    • Transport bag included

    RM 510 

    Unique in many ways: The RM 510's unique sound channelling technology provides the untypical cardioid polar pattern of ribbon microphones, making it ideal for use with wireless microphone systems, even on noisy stages. 

    The newly developed treble resonator delivers the smooth, ribbon-typical high-frequency response and also serves as protection against damage from plosive sounds.

    A 6.5 kHz cut effectively suppresses sibilant sounds and supports the balanced, unobtrusive sound of the RM 510.

    The ultra-light aluminium ribbon, which is only about 3 micrometres thick, ensures perfect transient response. 

    The stainless steel basket with multi-layer metal gauze provides excellent protection against plosive sounds, is also easy to clean and significantly improves reverse damping and feedback suppression due to its design.

    Technical Data

    Singing, Speech
    Transmission Type
    Transducer Type
    Ribbon (dynamic)
    Polar Pattern
    Microphone Frequency Response
    50 - 15,000 Hz
    3-pin XLR male
    article No.


    Info Materials

    RM510_Flyer_E_10_2010.pdf (952.97 KB)


    MAN_Opus910_DE-EN-FR-ES.pdf (1.19 MB)

    Info Materials

    RM510_Flyer_D_10_2010.pdf (958.99 KB)

    Spec Sheet

    DAT_S910_EN.pdf (949.50 KB)

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